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Baker Girl Lou’s Video Tips

Baker Girl Lou has hit the Cake 2 The Rescue Kitchen armed with the video camera to bring you a selection of helpful “HOW TO” video clips, to make using your cake kit even easier.

All Our Videos have been recording in our awesome Private Facebook Group so you’ll need to join the group here to view the videos.


  1. How to Store Your Cake Prior to Decorating

  1. How to Flatten Your Cake

  1. How to Make a Pinata Centre in Your Cake


  1. How to Colour Your Icing

5 How to Make Peach Icing

  1. How to Ice Your Cake

  1. How to Ice the Tricky Bits

  1. How to Make Your Icing Smooth


  1. How to Make Big Eyes and Eyelashes

  1. Tips for Making Small Fondant Characters

  1. How to Create a 3D Animal Face

  1. How to Use Your Alphabet/Number Cutters

  1. Great Tip for Making Your Transport Cakes

  1. How to Make Fondant Sausage for a Mane

  1. How to Make 3D Fondant Flowers for Your Flower Unicorn and Llama Cakes


  1. How to Make Your Flower Unicorn Horn

  1. How to Layout Your DISCO Squares

  1. How to Create Your Disco Squares

  1. How to Make a Lizard for Your Snake Cake Kit

  1. How to Create the Ropes for Your Dream Catcher

  1. How to Make Your Dream Catcher Feathers and Flowers

  1. How to Cut Shark Teeth

  1. How to Add the Shirt to Your Super Dad Cake

  1. How to Make the Rosette for the Trophy Cake

  1. How to Make the Meat for the BBQ Cake

  1. How to Create the Planets for our Solar System Cake

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