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We put various ingredients to the test…

There are a lot of families who have egg allergies and need to bake using an egg substitute.  We have received a few inquiries on how our cake mix turns out when using egg replacers so thought we would put a few to the test.

After getting some feedback from mums using powdered egg substitutes from the supermarket which resulted in a beautiful looking cake on top but when turning out of our baking box, a very crumbly, falling apart cake we looked at some other options and this is what we came up with 🙂

4 cakes using different egg replacers

Tips: Our special baking box that comes in your kit is pre-greased, non stick. You just pour your cake mix in, bake, unfold and turn cake out.  As I had read that when baking using an egg substitute, a big portion of your success is grease, grease grease, so for all our test cakes I used spray to grease just the base, lined only the base with paper and sprayed the paper! Every cake came out of the box perfectly and held together.


Apple Sauce

It was recommended we use unsweetened apple sauce just to reduce the amount of sugar in the cake, but we couldn’t find any so just used standard apple sauce.  The ratios were 4 tablespoons = 1 Egg.  Our cake mix requires 5 eggs, so this took 20 tablespoons (almost the whole jar).  I just added it altogether into the mixer with cake mix, butter and milk as per the instructions on our Recipe Cards.

PROS: It came out golden on top and rose great, almost to the same height as our standard cake with eggs.  It passed the taste test with flying colours and was the clear favourite with our kids!

CONS: If I was going to use this cake to make a 3D cake I would be inclined to freeze it overnight before cutting it to reduce crumbs.

cake made with apple sauce instead of eggs


I mashed/blended 2.5 medium sized bananas (half a banana = 1 egg) and added it to the mixer after I had mixed all the other ingredients for 30 seconds, then mixed for 3 minutes as per our Recipe Card instructions.

PROS: Held together perfectly and when cut, no crumbs!  Would be great for our 3D Cake Kits and super easy to ice.  Has a hint of banana flavour.

CONS: It didn’t rise as good as any of the other ingredients tested and was quite dense.

cake made with banana instead of eggs


I used ground organic Flaxseeds from the supermarket.  Mix 1 tablespoon of flaxseeds to 3 tablespoons of water to replace each egg.  In total it was 5 tablespoons flaxseed = 15 tablespoons water.  Let sit for 10 minutes until it becomes gelatinous.  I assumed gelatinous meant would set jelly like but it didn’t, so just put it in with all the ingredients after the 10 minutes was up.

PROS: Held together well, rose great in comparison to our standard mix.

CONS: Has a brown fleck throughout the cake which isn’t a problem unless you like a pretty cake 🙂

cake made with flaxseed instead of eggs

Powdered Egg Substitute

You can buy various brands of egg substitute powder from the supermarket.  While I didn’t trial any of these for this test, Baker Girl Lou from Cake 2 The Rescue Australia did a few months back and tests resulted in a very crumbly cake.

You can join our private support group on Facebook – Cake 2 The Rescue Support to view the videos and results.  One of the mums in the group does use these types of powdered substitutes and recommends freezing the cake overnight in the baking box (cling wrapped) and letting it defrost 30 minutes before removal and cutting/shaping of cake.

A final word…

As I have only tested baking with these substitutes once, I can’t guarantee that they will work every single time! I would highly recommend just to be on the safe side, that you line the bottom of the baking box when using a substitute and also grease the paper with cooking spray.

Just pop the baking box onto a piece of baking paper, draw a line with a pencil around it and cut out on the inside of the pencil mark.  You can give the base of the box a light spray to help the paper stick.

We will keep testing various substitutes and update anything we find that’s worth trying as we really want EVERYONE to enjoy our DIY Cake Kits and for you to bake an amazing birthday cake!!

Remember, if you have your own recipe that works for you, you can order a cake kit without our cake mix – Coupon Code: No Cake Mix for a discount and you will require 800g of dry ingredients to use in our baking box.


Leave us a comment if you can offer any suggestions, would love to hear from you!!


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