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So excited to introduce New Zealand to our awesome cake kits! I am Baker Girl Ange, the licensee of Cake 2 The Rescue NZ and I’m rapt to be able to share with you our amazing diy cake kits. Our cake kits are a first for NZ and I think you are going to absolutely love them!!

As a mum of 6 kid’s, birthdays are a pretty common occurrence in our house and making their birthday cake myself for them always felt really special.  As every Mum (and Dad!) knows, it’s all about the cake!!
So the pressure I put on myself was enormous, “it’s just a cake” my friends and family would say, but to me and my child it meant everything
Seriously, I would spend days (and nights) agonising over making the cake each child wanted, spending a small fortune on ingredients that I only needed a small part of, trying to figure out how to put together the cake from looking at a single picture in a Birthday Cake book and what was meant to be a happy day left me stressed out, exhausted and ultimately disappointed in my efforts.
That’s when I discovered Cake 2 The Rescue.
While living in Australia I came across the lovely Baker Girl Lou and her fantastic concept of a DIY Cake Kit. Goodbye stress, hello to a fun to make, successful cake that everyone raved about!
I just loved that everything I needed was in the box, in their exact amounts – so no wastage and no spending a fortune, a template and highly detailed recipe card to follow, even a box to bake it in, the cake board and candles! Making a birthday cake for my kids is now easy, heaps of fun and I really look forward to it!
I was gutted when we moved back to NZ to discover that I could no longer access the cake kits. What started with an inquiry about postage to NZ to the amazing Lou at Cake 2 The Rescue Australia, has resulted in my family and I embarking on an exciting journey and becoming Cake 2 The Rescue NZ of which I’m so proud and excited to bring to you!!!
I know you guys are going to love this product and I can’t wait to share it with you and follow along with you on your baking journey.
Stay in touch and I look forward to seeing you create your first kit!

Baker Girl Ange x


Cake 2 The Rescue has been my baby for the last 5 years, it means the world to me. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be bringing our amazing DIY Cake Kits over the ditch. You’re going to love them!

I also know you’re also going to love Baker Girl Ange. She’s so passionate about our product and has worked tirelessly over the last 6 months setting up C2TR New Zealand, all while juggling 6 kids!!

She’s warm, funny and down to earth. All she talks about is making sure the product and service is the best it can possibly be for you all. She’s a treasure and I couldn’t think of a better person to run C2TR New Zealand.

Can’t wait to see your cake kit creations, happy baking!!

Baker Girl Lou x

Owner and Founder of Cake 2 The Rescue


COURIER POST has advised to expect delivery delays of up to 5 business days on parcels in and out of Auckland and 2 days delay for the rest of NZ. PLEASE note this when ordering.